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“Emily is gentle, understanding and compassionate. I was in considerable pain with my back following a long haul flight and her acupuncture solved the problem in 30 minutes. Highly recommended.”


“Emily is a pleasure to work with and she has extensive knowledge on the topic of TCM. Over a period of time, she has helped me get relief from neck and lower back pain. In addition, I am seeing significant improvement in my quality of sleep — and increased energy during the day.”


“Emily provides caring and compassionate care for my fibromyalgia pain and massage for my tight muscles, whenever I experience a flare-up. I am 71 years old and I am not afraid to try remedies that are new to me.”


“I have been seeing Emily for acupuncture for several months and cannot say enough good things about both Emily and the acupuncture treatments.  You will feel an immediate sense of calmness and relaxation stepping into her office for your appointment.  Emily does a wonderful job of listening and validating any ailments you are facing.  She takes concurrent medical treatments into account and really takes her time to get to know you as a patient.  Her acupuncture technique is wonderful- very quick and painless.  Beyond the acupuncture treatments, she has offered self care and lifestyle suggestions to complement my acupuncture treatments between appointments.  Not only do I enjoy appointments, but I have found relief from a health issue that I have been trying to work through for the better part of a decade!!  I would highly recommend seeking Emily’s care for any health concerns and/or to maintain your current healthy state!”


“We are so grateful for your services!!! Acupuncture is the only thing that has made a huge difference in mom’s pain relief and relaxation and sleep!!! Thank you!”


“Emily is a talented and deeply caring acupuncturist. Since I began seeing her, my hormones have balanced, my menstrual cycle is more manageable, and overall sense of well-being and happiness has improved tremendously.”


“Thank you sooo much. I truly believe you kept us from needing augmentation meds and monitoring which I hated last time. It made all the difference in a healing and empowering birth which I so needed after the way our first delivery went. Really appreciate all the time you spent to make sure we progressed well. After you left things really sped up and ended up having baby almost 3 hours later in the tub as planned. Wish you’d been there at my first birth! Thanks again.”


“Emily is nothing but a joy as a person and an acupuncturist. She gave me a treatment the day before my due date and I went into labor the next day. She then also came to the hospital and worked on some pressure points for me, which was great. I had my daughter on my due date, with Emily there and I am so happy I had her on my team. I give a lot of credit to her for how quickly and (relatively) easily I labored and gave birth. I can only say great things.”